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Miss A visited the MLP studio last week for her 3-month pictures…and it was absolute agony.  That is, if agony can be experienced from photographing a deliciously happy dimpled baby….  Then yes, I was experiencing agony – the agony OF PERFECTION. :)

Every smile, every chortle, every oh-so-fabulous expression made me shake my head and grin while muttering under my breath “this baby CAN’T be three-months old…!”  As Miss A held up her head and enjoyed tummy-time (yes, I said enjoyed! as in was happy as a clam! she couldn’t get enough of it!  say whaaaaaaa???) I clicked away and grinned in amazement some more.

I couldn’t wait to get the pictures downloaded and see for myself if I had imagined all of those smiles.


I hadn’t.


This little bean just smiled and smiled and smiiiiiiiiiled……….!!!!!!


Honestly?  I just don’t know how it gets much more scrumptious than THIS:



Understandably, Mommy & Daddy are quite enamored with their Little Miss.



“Oh!” says she.



Baby girl loves Mommy smooches.



“Who me?” says she.



Piggies, lace, and a sweet rosebud pucker.

Yum, yum, yummy yum!



Did I mention she rocked tummy time?!



…and that her grins melted my heart right down into my socks…!




This oh-so-fabulous oh-so-squeezable oh-so-mischievous face Actually. Happened.

In a word:  Perfection:)


To Miss A’s Mommy & Daddy – I had a BLAST at our session and I hope you love these pictures as much as I do!  I can’t wait to show you the rest!!:)

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