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Newborn sessions are some of my favorites – photographing these brand new itsy bitsy beings who have just entered the world to change their Mommy & Daddy’s lives forever is an incredible experience.  And you never know what you are going to get with a newborn session – some are wiiiiiiiiide awake, some are a bit put out that you would dare get them naked, some just want their mamma, some just want their daddy, some want to eat eat eat, some have no idea what they want…they just don’t want whatever you’re giving them at the moment! (ha!:)  So I tell my newborn clients “be prepared to spend several hours here – and be prepared for your baby to have his/her own ideas about how this session is going to go!  Oh, and be prepared to sweat – a lot.” (the room has to be HOT to keep the wee one happy:)  And then some of the babies are sooooooo easy – they come in asleep, they stay asleep, they let you dress & undress them and STILL stay asleep, and when they’re awake they’re happy & content.  And sweet Miss A was definitely one of the easy ones!

I was so excited to meet this tiny girl.  We had photographed her mommy & daddy’s wedding  (and engagement pics) last winter, and after giving everyone a bit of a scare when she was born more than 5 weeks early she was finally ready to make her photographic debut last week.  And what a debut it was!  Baby A came in asleep, she stayed asleep while we dressed & undressed, wrapped & unwrapped, and moved & scooted & scooched her all around.  And then she woke up and proceeded to be alert and oh-so content to lay there and have her pictures taken.  It was [booming announcer’s voice] “An Ideal Newborn Shoot” and I kept telling her mommy & daddy “this is so not normal…this is SO easy!” ahhaha:)  So sweet picture after sweet picture after sweet picture, I finally had to pry the camera out of my own hands and say “we have soooo many good ones, you guys are done!”

I mean really…*sigh*


I love how teeeeeny tiny her hands look next to her daddy’s.




Wrapped around her little finger….


Oh-so wide awake!


All tuckered out.


To her Mommy & Daddy – thanks for sharing your sweet girl with me.  She is absolutely precious!



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