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Are you ready for some scrumptious cheekers, two tiny teeth’ers, and one oh-so-handsome little man?  If yes, you are SO ready for Mr. A and his 7-month pictures!  Now you might remember Mr. A’s mommy & daddy from their outdoor maternity session, and you might have seen Mr. A’s just-a-few-days-old oh-so-sweet Newborn Pictures, in which case I know you will agree that is one darling little person!  And Mr. A certainly didn’t disappoint with his 7-month pictures.  He was smiley and happy and he took all of his outfit changes like a champ.  He chewed his tie on command and mouthed his tiny kinda 20’s style hat and was basically the best baby model one could ask for!

Plus, who could resist these big blue eyes?  Ug!!




The baby tie was a huge hit–both with this photographer and this little man:)




And reaaaaaallllllyyyyy.  These two teensy teeth…!  [now say this part with a little southern accent, – ready?]

Get. Outa. Here.



And then this HAT.  Ga!

I just had to include these next four pictures as a series – it cracks me up.  Every.  Time!

“Oh, ho!  What do I have here??”





“Hmmmmm…I don’t know…  But I’d better chew on it.  Cause that’s how I roll people.”



“Ooooohhhh maybe this is how it’s supposed to go!”




“Hey!  Where’d everybody go?”




I just love this shot – he’s concentrating soooooo hard!

[Does anyone else hear a little “dis little piggy wento…” action when they look at this photo, lol]




And, well, here is proof that Baby A is pretty much the happiest little man on the block!:)




Thanks for such another awesome session R Family!  It’s always so much fun hanging out with you guys:)

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