Baby C.P. Three Month Pictures – Helena MT Baby Photographer

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Months and months ago I got a call from a woman in Bozeman who wanted to buy a gift certificate as a baby shower gift.  “How fun!” says I—and a gift certificate was sent in the mail to make it in time for the Baby Shower.  Fast forward a few weeks when the Tara, the gift certificate recipient, calls to talk scheduling.  She was excited because before even getting the gift certificate she had seen my work in the Women’s Health Care Clinic and she really liked it (yay!).  Then we proceed to find out that not only are we both teachers, she teaches at the same school as Scott, she has the job a good friend of mine used to have (and now that good friend of mine is Tara’s mentor in the district), PLUS she is the former nanny for another good friend of mine!!!!!!!!  Whoah.  The funny part of this story is that the person who gave Tara the gift certificate found me online and none of us had any idea about ANY of these connections until Tara and I talked that first time.  OK, so that was a really long story, but the point is I felt like I knew Tara before she & her hubby and sweet Baby C ever came to visit the MLP studio!  And who wouldn’t want to know this sweet girl?!?  Thanks for the [two:)] great sessions guys!!





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