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Baby E came to play at the MLP Studio last week – and apparently Mommy & Daddy had given their little man a heads-up about [*booming announcers voice*] “How to Be a Perfect Baby During a Photo Shoot” because his behavior was, well, it was ridonculous.  As in fantastic, amazing, awe-inspiring.

He grinned, he giggled, he explored his tootsies, he sat like a champ, he did tummy time like a pro.  I just kept looking at his parents like, “ummmm, wow.”  [psst, Baby E, thanks for makin me look gooooood buddy!]  But Baby E isn’t a complete stranger to the portrait process – it was only a couple months ago that I got to do his two-month pictures (yes, he was cute as a button then too!) – so, come to think of it, maybe he figured out all of these smooth moves all on his own…!

Regardless, after looking through these images I think you will agree, the camera loves this little man! (and I think the feeling is mutual:)

[see his tiny excited toes?? – ack! – l.o.v.e.]



Hold Daddy’s hand.  Grin at Mommy.

…yep, good move Mister.



Could there BE a more excited face?  On the planet?????????



Sometimes it’s the small stuff….



“I got this, don’t you worry.  And I look goooood doin it too!”



Um.  Oh.  Sniff.




Are you ever just amazed at the way babies can fold themselves in half…?  And look so stinkin cute doing it?

Or is that just me?



How sweet you are little man….



The term “cutie patootie” comes to mind…yes?:)



Baby E – I had so much fun with you and your Mommy & Daddy and I can’t wait to see you all again for your one-year session!  *mwah*

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