Baby E.K. Newborn Pictures – Helena MT Baby Photographer

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Baby E.K. and her mommy & daddy came to visit the Megan Lane Photography studio last week for her newborn pictures.  At only three weeks old this sweet girl was brand new to the world, but she already had Mommy & Daddy wrapped around her tiny little pinky – and it wasn’t long until she had this photographer all wrapped up too!  I mean, take a look at these oh-so-smoochable lips and then tell me you wouldn’t be a goner too….  Yeah, thought so:)  E had apparently read an outdated Baby Memo on her way to the studio which mistakenly informed her to stay awake while taking newborn pictures – so she put up quite the valiant effort (including a good amount of time devoted to loooooooooooong-slooooooooooow-sleeeeeeeeeeeepy blinks).  But even while wide awake she was a ridiculously well-behaved baby, and in the end sleepy won out.  Can I get an “Awwwwhhh…” from the crowd??


(doesn’t she look like she’s smiling ever so slightly here?!:)

Teeny tiny baby feet, big strong Daddy arms….

The little oh-so-sleepy open mouth just gets me (oh who am I kidding?  this entire smorgasbord of cuteness gets me!:)


Mom & Dad – I’m so glad that we get to work together over the whole next year to take pictures of your beautiful girl!  I can’t wait:)



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