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Oh I just cannot WAIT to share these pictures with you guys!!!  Newborn pictures are always special – but this brand new baby girl already has quite the history with MLP.  We took her mommy & daddy’s wedding pictures, their Rock the Dress pictures, AND their maternity pictures (here are links to those pics if you’re interested: Wedding, Rock the Dress, Maternity), and then I had the incredible incredible honor of documenting her birth (see those images here).  So I already feel terribly connected to this sweet baby girl.  I just want to snuggle her and smell that sweet newborn smell and give her a few [thousand] tiny kisses…and that’s just what I got to do at her newborn session!  Lucky lucky me:)


Now, I must prepare you.  These pictures are cute.  As in, your-heart-just-might-melt-right-down-into-your-boots, capital “c” Cute, look-over-your-shoulder-and-make-sure-no-one-is-around-because-you-won’t-be-able-to-help-the-“awwwww”-of-cuteness cute.  Yeah.  That cute.


For reals.


Enter Exhibit #1:

See.  CUTE.

(and how fabulous is this antique doll bed?!  I have been absolutely DYING to use it in a newborn shoot!  Eek!  So exciting!)



Doesn’t she have just the most goooooorgeous silky smooth peaches-and-cream skin?  Yummy yum yum.





So I think I’ve almost made my point, yes?  This peanut has cute down to a fine art.

Her mommy definitely agrees!




And then we get to contrast that tiny newborn-ness with her daddy’s tattoos….




[uh oh, Mommy & Daddy’d better watch out:  Baby P has already mastered the ridiculously cute lower-lip-pout (which threatens to overwhelm even the most strong “no-you-may-not-have-that” parent moment…!:)]




And.  This.

This just melts my heart.



So tiny.



And this is one of my favorite shots from our whole session.  The lighting, the contrasts, the expression on Andrew’s face, how P fits so sweetly just between his elbow and arm…..




So so Love.



Then?  Well, then we round out the cuteness with a tiny newborn smile….


Yes, perfection.



Andrew & Mindy – you know that I love you.  And oh how I love Miss P too.  Hugs and smooches and lovies to you all!  xxoo  :)


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