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I know I’ve mentioned this before **ahem** a few times – but to me there is nothing more special than to be entrusted with capturing a family’s memories over the years….  When we get to take wedding photos for a couple and then they come back to us for more pictures as their family grows it just gives me the most incredible warm fuzzies.  Honestly, it’s pretty indescribably amazing!!

Melissa and Andy are one of those couples.  We’ve done engagement pictures, and wedding pictures, and family pictures together – so when I got the call that they had just welcomed a baby girl to their family and they wanted to do family and newborn pictures I was over-the-moon excited!  We quickly got them scheduled (a heads-up to all of you soon-to-be mammas:  newborn pics ideally happen before babe is 10 days old so don’t wait to schedule those pics!:).  And then these guys traveled from Anaconda to the MLP studio for their session.  Of course, after all of that traveling (and sleeping) little Miss S was nooooooot so interested in spending more snoozing, but she’s pretty amazingly adorable awake or asleep so that really didn’t matter! :)


I mean, look at this sweet alert girlie!



She was just happy to hang, wide awake, and take it allllllllll in.




The cuteness.  It hurts.



Newborn snuggles = joy on Earth.



Andy and Melissa said that what they really really wanted was a few great pictures of big brother K and his new sis S together, so we spent quite a bit of our time focusing on that.  For a little man who took a while to warm up to the idea of pictures, I have to say that by the end I almost couldn’t keep up with all of the cute snuggles and kisses and gentle love pats!  If you can look at these pictures of Mr. K lovin on his baby sis without a tiny little bit of your heart melting, well, then you’re obviously not a big emotional sap like me;)









Mr. K – thank you for being SUCH a sweet big brother.  Your lovies melt my heart.



Andy & Melissa – I love your little family.  I love your darling babies.  And I love taking your pictures!!  Thank you for coming all the way to Helena for our session.  I can’t wait to show you the rest of your pictures:)

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