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Baby H came to the MLP Studio last week for his *almost* three-month pictures and let me tell you – this little man came to play!  He brought his big teal truck, and his Baby Gap button-down white collared onsie (I had NO idea they even made those!  I was totally cracking up), and his baby-sized tie, and his miniature Nike shoes, and his sweet little grin.  And clearly someone had clued this little guy in to proper photo session etiquette because he was SUCH a trooper – right up until he got sleepy.  Then he fussed for [maybe] ten minutes and promptly fell asleep.  Um.  Wow!  Thanks for letting me capture the full range of your sweetness Baby H!  That was ever so thoughtful of you:)


And color me surprised when Mommy & Daddy put this little man in his big teal truck and there he sat just as content as can be!  [cause he’s not even 3 months old people – but look at that baby neck strength! – daaaaang:)]




And see what I mean about suuuuuuch a sweet sweet grin?!




OK, I seriously love this one – because Mommy & Daddy look so great smoochin’ on their baby boy…aaaaaand baby boy looks just a little surprised about the whole PDA situation, haha!  (plus I love the little bit of lipstick on Baby H’s cheeck – clearly this wasn’t his first smooch of the day;)




When I took this pic I could hear Mommy say in the background “ooooohhhh, I can always tell he’s happy just by looking at his scrunched up toes!”  [love that!]




Sooooo sweet and sleepy….




Soooooo awake and happy….!  (see?  I told you we got the full range at his session:)



Mommy loves you little man.



“Yeah,” he says [with a crooked little grin], “I know.”




Thanks for such a great session F Family!  I had so much fun hanging out and I’m so glad that we get to take pictures of Mr. H all year for his Baby’s First Year Series – yay!:)

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