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For those of you who regularly follow the MLP Blog you might recognize this cute little family and their sweet little man.  We first photographed Mara & Cale’s wedding several summers ago – and then last fall we got the exciting news that their little family of two would be expanding to a family of three!  In the spring we did maternity pictures for the proud Mommy- and Daddy-To-Be and then it was finally time for newborn pictures.  Eeek!  The excitement!:)

And now it’s already time for Baby H’s six-month pictures!  Wowsa – time flies!  Since Mommy Mara is also one of my fa-a-abulous photography assistants, and a very dear friend, all of these milestones are so very very special to me too:)

I think it is **abundantly** obvious that Baby H is just as cute as cute can be.  With his tons of dark hair and his huge dark eyes you’d be hard pressed to not feel your heart go pitter pat!  He also has the sweetest disposition – grinning at just about everyone and everything – and he has fully mastered the happy-baby-clap (H clapped at his Mommy, he clapped at me, he clapped at Claire, he clapped at his Daddy, he clapped at our cat Sasha, he clapped with his itsy-bitsy chubby baby hands pretty much through our whole session, it was absolutely a.dor.a.ble!).  Honestly, he makes you want to snatch him right up and rain smooches over his whole smoochable face:)


See what I mean?!




And what would a baby session be without a little drool-frozen-in-action action for you guys?!?




Isn’t this the cutest idea for a family Christmas picture?  (and I love that with the word “Joy” this could be hung up and enjoyed all year long!)




Ok.  The little corduroy  sleeve button up thingy’s are too cute – and then you add in the chubby little baby hands that seem to be saying “oh my gosh!” and it’s just tooooooo scrumptious.




Oh.  Be still my heart….

(if we could bottle this joy we’d be millionaires)




“Santa, I been sooooooo good.  Promise!!”




See?  Master Clapper:)




Yes, it’s a Griz hat.




But he’s soooooooo ridiculously cute that I think I’ll forgive him for cheering for the WRONG team.

And ug.  Don’t you just want to gobble all that cuteness right up?!?!




Love you guys to pieces!  xxoo

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