Baby L.B. – Helena MT Baby Photographer

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It seems that B Families are the trend lately (I’ve done four different B Families in the last three  weeks!)—and I met this B Family at their beautiful new home to take pictures of their darling Baby L.  This little man had me wrapped around his tiny finger from the instant he greeted me at the door with the BIGGEST toothless grin.  And things just continued swimmingly from there on out.  He absolutely loved all of the attention and was fascinated when I showed him the baby on the back of the camera.  He also loved helping Daddy play songs on the guitar and he adored playing blanket peek-a-boo with Mommy.  After it was all over all I could say was “ohmigosh! that was such fun!” and “he is TOOOOO cute!”  And [obviously!] both of those are very good things:)  Thanks for such a great session B Family!






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