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I’ve been so excited to meet this little man ever since doing his mommy & daddy’s Maternity Pictures last month!  Mr. M visited the MLP studio for his Newborn Pictures just a few days after he made his appearance to the big wide world—and he proceeded to prove his mommy right when she said “he is the EASIEST baby ever!”  Seriously.  Mommy and Daddy did such an amazing job tiring this little man out before his session (and I think Grandma may have helped too) that little Mr. M only woke up at the very veeeeeeery end of our session.  He slept through everything – clothes changes, diapers on and diapers off, prop changes, posing changes—he even slept though a few moments of sitting in a Packers helmet! (properly supervised and very carefully done of course:)  This little man seemed intent on making a smashing first impression, and this is one photographer who can freely admit that she fell a *leetle* bit in love with this teeny tiny face.


Cause, I mean, really.

[And can you SEE those eyelashes?!?  I’ve never seen lashes this long on a newborn.  Ever!]




Oh.  Be still my heart.




Could he [and his ridiculously cute chubby cheeks] be aaaaaaannnnnnyyyyy more delicious?

I think not.




I love it when clients bring things to make the shoot extra personal – Daddy played basketball in college so I think this juxtaposition is just perfect:)




Baby M:  Daddy may hold your tiny toes in the palm of his hand, but I’m pretty sure you hold his heart.




Sweet sweet dreams.




And what shoot would be complete without a wee tiny newborn smile…?



Oh.  Oh.  Oh.




And yes little mister, your sweet pucker melts my heart right down to my boots….




D Family, your little man is beyond darling!  I could have played with him alllllll night:)  Thanks for such a fun session – I can’t wait to show you the rest of your pictures!!

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