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I can sum up my session from last week with four simple words:  smiley smiley s.m.i.l.e.y. face!  Momma warned me that Baby N is a pretty happy little guy – but, whoah, was that ever an understatement!  This little guy literally did not stop smiling for our entire session.  He smiled at his mommy, he smiled at his daddy, he smiled at me, he smiled at the camera, he smiled at “boo,” he smiled at tippy toe tickles.  Ack!  It was so cute it almost hurt:)  And he has these huuuuuuge blue eyes and these chubby dimpled cheeks and just this totally happy-go-lucky personality.  Rough I tell ya, my job is ROUGH!:)

Baby N must have known that one is supposed to do special things while being photographed – because not only did he smile the.whole.session he almost (alllllllmost) crawled for the very first time right there in front of my camera.  I kid you not – this little man knew how to play it up for the camera, oh yes he did!




Oh.  The feel of tiny baby fingers on one’s cheeks….  That is happiness my friends, yes indeed.



I.  Love.  Baby.  Double.  Chin.  Yes I do!!



Mmmmmkay.  Is there anything – anything?!? – cuter in this whole wide world than a bare baby bum???????

[I think not]




“OH!  Did someone just say ‘bare bum’?!”




And this.  This is what it’s allllllllll about…!



Father-Son Sweet Moment.



Watch out Mom & Dad – I’m pretty sure this little man is ready to run!:)



As if!  As if it could get aaaaaaaany cuter……….!!!!!



Thanks for SUCH a fabulous session W Family!  I can’t wait to show you the rest of your pictures at your Ordering Session next week!:)


Lovin’ these baby pics?!  Well, the brand new studio is oh-so ready and I would love to chat with you about your little person & all the fun that we could have at your session!:)  Take a peek around our Website to learn more or Contact me today.

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