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The history that I have with some of these little people is pretty wild & crazy.  This sweet girl is only 6-months old but I’ve had the incredible honor to photograph some of the most important moments of her life.  I photographed her mommy & daddy’s wedding (and their Rock the Dress too:), I photographed her as a baby bump, and then I was asked to document her birth (still one of the. most. incredible. experiences of my life).  And then of course we had her newborn session!  What can I say?  I just love this little girl to pieces. I really really do.

So the fact that I got to spend the morning making faces at her behind the camera, watching her big brother tickle her tummy and hold her oh-so-gently, see her concentration and determined chubby fingers figure out a strand of pearls, watch her mommy give her smooches and her daddy and brother wrestle in the shade.  Well, I can’t think of a better way to spend the morning!:)

And when you have two little people as cute as these guys who can blame me?!

(can I get a collective “awwwwww” for this one??)




See?  Determined, chubby fingers!




Miss P was not always 100% impressed by our antics. ;)



Daddy and his Mini Me [mid-daddy-tackle – cause that’s how we roll:)].




Can you say “Peaches & Cream?”





Mr. J thought he could get away with the classic faux-smile trick.  Little did he know that I’ve got a super-secret NO-FAUX-SMILES weapon.

The result?  Giggles and oodles of real smiles.

Yep.  I’m just that good.




Miss P also wanted in on the giggles action.

Who am I to say no?




Oh-so-luscious lashes.  Ohhhhhh-so-smoochable cheekers!




Ridiculously darling dress, wee finger snacking, chubber-rubber bands at wrist, elbow, knee, and baby tootsies in the cool summer grass?

Yes please!




And just about THE sweetest little face in the big wide world!

[oh.  be still my heart.]



Andrew & Mindy – thanks for [yet another] fa-a-a-bulous session!  Love you guys xxoo

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