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I’m always so excited to see my former wedding clients again – especially when they have a new tiny family member (and it’s even more fun when we have a photo shoot planned cause then I can usually sneak a baby snuggle or two – perk of the job, yo!).  So I’m pretty sure I practically squealed when Breanna walked into the Studio last week for Mr. P’s 6-month photo shoot (don’t worry, I quickly modulated my voice so I wouldn’t totally freak out the baby, haha).  I knew this little bean would be adorable because I had already seen a few pictures, but his perfectly proportioned arm rolls and simply scrumptious chubby cheeks practically had me swooning right from the get-go.  And then he smiled at me.  Oh.  Boy.  I was goo.


But can you blame me?



(and the thing that was totally cracking me up was that every time Mommy sang “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” this little man grinned like crazy.  But it was ONLY that song that had the smiley magic.  Sing something else and Mr. P just looked at you with a sweet curious look like, “why would you even try something else when Itsy Bitsy is clearly the best song ever?” haha)



Doncha just wanna give his scrumptious cheeks a big ol’ smooch?!?  (and how about those lashes?? yum!)




Goooooooo Bobcats!!




And, well, I might as well tell you now…Baby P lives in a divided household…yes, that’s right.  One parent cheers for the good team (Go Bobcats!) and one parent cheers for the “other” team (I shall not name names).

[I don’t think little Mr has made up his mind yet – it all seems like good fun to him:)]



Lions and tigers and **giant** bears – oh my!




What could be more darling that curious chubby fingers and a plaid baby hat??




Honestly, I don’t even know what to say about this one – other than it seriously cracks me up.  And the more I look at it the more it makes me giggle…!!

From his tiny curled toes and his naked little bottom to his fabulous double chin and his oh-so-serious face.








“Oh yeah, I’ve got this cute-as-a-button thing down to a fine art!” says he.




Thanks for coming all the way from Bozeman for Mister P’s session S Family!  It was SO wonderful to see you guys!!  Your little man is beyond adorable! xo

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