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Baby giggles, belly laughs, and baby giggles.  And more giggles.  Oh!  And did I mention giggles…?  Honestly, after taking sweet Baby S’s 6-month pictures I had the BIGGEST grin on my face – because he spent the entire photo session, yep, you guessed it!  Giggling:)  Apparently anything with his beloved Lion is funny:  Lion sitting on my head, Lion giving me smooches, Lion peeking out with a “BOO” from behind my back.  So this was our session in a nutshell:  I was silly with Lion, and S giggled at me.  I had to actually put Lion away so that I could get some sweet “serious” looks.  And add the fact that Baby S is as scrumptious as can be and you really (really!) can’t ask for anything more.  Such joy in such a tiny little body:)


There was also a *tiny* little bit of drool….  But let’s face it, if you could drool this cute you’d do it all the time too!


Well hello to you little man!


Baby toes never get old…


The technical name for oh-so-sweet chubby cheeks (like these) is “cheekers.”  Feel free to throw that vocabulary out at your next dinner party—but don’t blame me if everyone wants to see an example.  In which case, feel free to point them to this oh-so-classic example (but please don’t be startled by the collective “awwwww” that is likely to follow:)


Oh!  Sweet sweet face.  Pitter patter goes my heart….


To his Mommy & Daddy – I can’t believe how much S has grown since his Newborn Pictures!  He is such a happy little man – if only you could bottle that giggle, you’d have his college fund allllllll taken care of:)  And I’m already looking forward to his one-year session this fall!




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