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I just…I just can’t you guys.

This one is making me tear up and I haven’t even started writing it yet…….!






Back story:

Nick & Sarah got married four years ago and we were lucky enough to be their photographers. They were awesome. Their wedding was awesome. They even sent us an awesome thank you note afterwards! (which, yes, I still have it thankyouverymuch)

And then I got an email from Sarah a few months ago. They needed to have some pictures taken because they were in the process of pursuing an ADOPTION. Yes, seriously. And I got goosebumps allllll over (if you don’t know why the adoption thing would give me goosebumps click HERE and you can read all about it;).

You see, sometimes this adoption boat can feel pretty lonely.  And the infertility boat is pretty much always lonely.  We spent years in the limbo of infertility and then a year and a half waiting for our adoption, and when Sarah contacted me they had also exhausted the infertility circus and had spent almost a year and a half on the adoption journey as well.  So to have someone who has been there – who IS there – is pretty crazy.  Sarah and I talked for over an hour – because we both totally and completely understood.  Everything….

But while we had recently brought home the twins, Nick and Sarah were still waiting.

And the waiting is particularly awful:(


Fast forward two months. I got a text from Sarah. And a picture of a gorgeous newborn baby girl.


A. Picture. Of. A. Baby. Girl.




I’m pretty sure Scott thought I had *completely* lost it as I squealed at the phone and shook it around and shed happy tears.


And now Nick & Sarah are in this same amazing adoption boat as us. So in love with our babies. Feeling so much love and respect for our birth momma’s and birth families. Looking at the world through eyes that are a bit dazed – because…baby(ies). Baby(ies)!!! And love. And gratitude. And thanksgiving. And joyful messiness. And sleep deprivation. And snuggles. And love. So so much love.


And now I’m truly crying. Big hot tears dripping on my lap as I type.


{big hot happy happy tears}


Because. Because all of this.




And this little face. Oh! She is so special and so incredibly loved. And I got to hold her and marvel at her tiny fingers and perfect nose and tons of hair.


And I got to take these pictures. The greatest honor you guys. Such an honor.


Nick and Sarah – there truly aren’t words. But I know you understand that.


So I’ll say it with pictures.























Sending you all my love M Family.   ~ xxo

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