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I first met this sweet girl when she came to the studio as tiny baby – and now she’s ONE! Oh, how the time does fly!

It’s definitely crazy how quickly the time passes – but what I looooove to see is the personalities that emerge from these little people as they grow. And Miss H certainly brought the personality! This time she came secure in the knowledge that she L.O.V.E.D. her mommy’s phone. And she H.A.T.E.D. having her clothes changed. She also loved bouncing (and bouncing and bouncing and bouncing) and she developed quite the fascination with my lighting equipment and my camera strap (baby photog in the making, hmmm?).

Of course, I always do a little mental happy dance (that is, “mental” as in “in-my-head,” not mental as in “cuckoo-crazy-town,” just to clarify) whenever we get to do a one-year cake smash because every Little is so very different with their approach. It allllllways cracks me up. In fact, Little Miss H’s pretty much takes the cake (cake! har har – I couldn’t resist) for most-flexible-cake-eating-EVER. I’m actually giggling right now just writing about it:) Of course, I have the photographic evidence for you below! {you’re welcome:)}

I just a-dore this sweet girl and I know you’re going to love her and her goooooorgeous big blue eyes too!!!


Two toofs big!



Such pretty pink piggies!!



See.  What.  I.  Mean!?!?!?

These eyes!!  Wowsa!!!!



Hello happy girl!  You are simply scrumptious!



“OK Megan, let me show you how to work dis phone.  I’m an expert.”


“See!?!  I’ve got it working ***juuuuuust right***!”



“But dis is another story entirely.  What is UP with dees tings?!”



I know sweet girl, sometimes it’s hard realizing you’re another year older….



BUT!  With birthdays comes CAKE!

[So notice how we’re starting out oh-so-daintily here, right?]

[Wait for it….]


“Are you sure this is OK Mommy?  I’m getting awfully messy….”

[Wait for it…!]


“Well, if you say so…!”

And it is at this point that Miss H goes ALL in:



And proceeds to plants her face right.in.the.middle.of.her.cake!!!! [whilst folding her body in half and holding on to said cake with both hands so it can’t possibly escape]


I was laughing so hard I was crying.  Seriously!  And I have picture after picture of her doing this!  After she figured out that it made WAY more sense to take her mouth directly to the cake instead of depending on her somewhat less-than-coordinated fistfuls of cake, she just continued to rock the folded-in-half method of cake eating.  I’ve NEVER seen anything like it – I’m still giggling:)


Sweet Miss H – I absolutely ADORE you and I’m so glad we got to celebrate your one-year old birthday together!!  We make a fantastic team, if I do say so myself;)  I can’t wait to show your Mommy & Daddy all of the great shots we got!  Yay!!!

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