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Oh Mister A – how I do love your fabulously sunny smiling face!  You were beyond adorable as a baby bump (check out those gorgeous outdoor pics here!) and as time went on you just got cuter and CUTER (if you need your daily dose of baby yummyness feel free to check out A’s newborn photos here and 7 month photos here:).

And guess what else Mr. A?  I looooove hanging out with your mom & dad an awful lot too!  They are super awesome people and we always have so much fun together (and I love your mommy’s accent – it’s adorable).  When they asked me if I could hang out and join them for a beer at the Blackfoot Brewery the end of our session last week a little piece of my heart broke, because I had to go to an appointment instead of spending more fun time with you three peeps!  *sad face*  Good thing we’ll all be seeing each other for your ordering session soon!

I wish I could count all of the ways you entertained me during this session – like your fabulous big-boy hat skilz, or your eating-dirt routine, or your garden hose fascination….  Alas, were I to spend adequate time cataloging your delightful antics I fear I wouldn’t have time for the real reason for this post:  your 14-month pictures!!! And I know your Mommy & Daddy are pretty excited to see these pictures – along with all of your grandmas & grandpas and aunties & uncles & cousins all over the US and Bosnia – so I’d better get crackin on these pics!:)


Like this one that stops my heart every.single.time!

[Side Note:  he put his own hat on for this pic – doesn’t he look so proud?!:)]



And there’s certainly no doubt about this:  your mommy loves you Mister!



OK, I know it’s hard to tell, but he wasn’t just sticking out his tongue for this picture, he was blowing raspberries – so if you look closely you can see that his tongue and lip and slobber are all frozen mid-raspberry!


Yeah.  That’s just how I roll;)




Like a baby villain.




[can’t you just hear the baby giggles?!? l.o.v.e:)]



This one’s a twofer:

Pic 1:  this little mister rockin his over-sized shades

Pic 2:  the perfect reflection of this photog rockin the picture-takin:)



While Mr. was exercising his garden hose fascination we stole a few minutes for a Mommy & Daddy pic!



And you see what I mean by CUTE?


Sometimes it HURTS!:)


R Family – oh my!  I can’t believe this is our last of A’s Baby’s First Year series!! **trying, trying, without much success, to hold back the Ugly Cry**  Promise me you’ll be back to visit – I couldn’t stand to lose my A fixes:(  Love you all!!  xxoo


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