Mr. C.J. Baby’s First Year Session #3 – Helena MT Baby Photographer

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One of the sweetest little men I know has to be Mr. C.  And I know this because not only have I have the privilege of taking his pictures several times throughout his too cute first year, but also because he gets to spend his days with MY Miss C!  In fact, I’ve been told by Angie (our wonderful-est babysitter) that Claire calls him Mr. C—haahaaa—which I find utterly hysterical since I’m pretty sure I’ve never referred to him this way around her…?  Hmmm, perhaps Claire has been on the computer reading up on the MLP blog?:)  Anyway, this little man is just as darling [and busy!] as can be and I always love hanging out with him and his mommy & daddy and playing at pictures!  Thanks for another great session J Family!:)





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