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I met up with Erich & Kaela for their engagement session last week – and we decided that the combo of the three of us must conjure up snow!  Their first session had landed approximately thirty minutes after a GIGANTIC blizzard had blown into Helena, and as we showed up for their re-scheduled session, the clouds above us were threatening snow.  But, we were not going to be deterred for a second time!  (besides, we live in Montana – and as you all know very well, there is no such thing as “waiting” for perfect weather here:)  It turned out to be such an awesome session though, we were just high enough in altitude to be surrounded by a white winter wonderland, and the snow that did fall while we were there was just enough to give a beautiful effect to the pictures.  It was also pretty chilly but Erich apparently doesn’t feel the cold and Kaela was such a trooper!  So we hiked around the lake and changed outfits in the great outdoors and tried not to slip on the ice and laughed a lot.  It was great:)  And dang, I just really love the way these pictures turned out (there is something about the black & white bark of the trees against the white white snow that is so incredibly beautiful I think…).  Erich & Kaela – you guys are awesome & I can’t wait for your wedding this fall!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek:)









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