Gerald & Erin Engagement Pictures – Helena MT Wedding Photographer

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Erin and Gerald were the lucky recipients of the free Engagement Session drawing from the Helena Bridal Fair earlier this year and it was great to finally meet up with them this week to take their pictures!  These two are just as fun as they look:  they are really natural in front of the camera and we spent just a *bit* of time laughing during their session.  [just be prepared if you yell “No fake smiles!” at Erin…just sayin:)]  Even before their session Erin had a challenge for me:  “I want our pictures to be in town, but I don’t want it to be too recognizable as Helena….”  And I must say that I think I finally came up with the perfect spot to have their session—but I’ll let you guys be the judge!  Anyone know where we are…??? (and no cheating! If Erin or Gerald told you don’t spoil the fun:)





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