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I met up with James & Ashley on Tuesday to take their engagement pictures and boy oh boy did we ever have some gooooorgeous weather to play in!  With the spring green grass and the newly budding trees it was the perfect day for an engagement session.  And since James & Ashley are an incredibly nice couple who are super fun to be around it was just an ideal shoot all the way around!

Not to say there weren’t a few surprises along the way (like when James pulled up to the shoot and Ashley & I realized…well, that he wasn’t wearing a shirt…but it only took him ~5 seconds to remedy that situation – and what would life be without a few surprises here and there??:).  And I’m sure the first time I *kind of* shouted “real smile!” that may have taken them by surprise – but they totally took it in stride and laughed at me (which is the intention of the shouting in the first place, so, score!:).  They were also willing to climb hills and negotiate over and around fences and brave barbed wire and watch me oh-so-carefully to make sure I didn’t topple over backwards into the creek (it’s a dangerous job, but someone’s gotta do it:).

All in all, a pretty fantastic way to spend a spring afternoon….








James & Ashley – thanks for such a fun session!  And I’m SO glad that we get to photograph your wedding this summer!!:)



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