Justin & Damara Engagement Pictures – Helena MT Wedding Photographer

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I think it’s safe to say that Monday afternoon was COLD.  Really cold.  As in, I got into my car at the end of our photo session and my thumbs almost wouldn’t work cold.  But you’d never know it from the pictures—and that’s because Justin and Damara are awesome.  Stomp through snow drifts awesome.  Scale icy steps awesome.  Take their jackets off despite the dropping temps and keep laughing through it all awesome.  Justin & Damara – I had such a great time with you guys and I’m SO looking forward to your wedding this fall!!  Hope you enjoy your Sneak Peek!





Oh, and did I mention flop down in the snow and make snow angels awesome?  Yeah, that too:)

(Disclaimer:  this was Damara’s idea – seriously, how fun is that?!?)


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