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I can only feel like the luckiest of girls due to the fact that BOTH of my engagement sessions from last week managed to squeak by with no more than a drop or two of rain.  This was especially important for Sam and Stephanie since they were only in Helena for a couple of days before returning to their medical residencies – which are on opposite sides of the country!



Outdoor engagement session + no option for rescheduling + crazy unusual amounts of rain lately = fingers, toes, & eyeballs crossed for decent weather [aka a *slightly* stressed photog]

Successfully navigating the crazy Montana weather for an oh-my-gosh-can-this-be-real?-it’s-soooooo-gorgeous-right-now! session = WOOT [/whewwwww]


Honestly, it was like we dialed up the sunshine, the big puffy clouds, the glowing green leaves, the sweet chirping birds, the baby grass, the wildflowers.  It was rough, ROUGH I tell ya!;)

During our session we figured out that Stephanie and I have been practically steps away from each other throughout our high school years in Helena & early college years in Portland (but had never met until now), that Sam probably knows my old roommate Lisa from the WAMI med school program, that if Claire were sick Sam would be the expert (since he’s a soon-to-be pediatrician) but that if I were to fall down/off/over something at their wedding (like I have, ahem, been known to do on occasion) and seriously injure myself (which I’ve never done before ***knock on all the wood in a 10 ft radius***) Stephanie could step right in and fix me up (since she’s a soon-to-be emergency room Doc), and that I have the complete green light to shout “REAL SMILES” at either/both of them throughout their wedding day.

Good stuff;)

Add to that some gorgeous light and two people who are very ready to spend the rest of their lives together – and, well, you can’t help but get a ridiculous amount of great pics….

[Rough, ROUGH I tell ya!:)]




















Sam & Stephanie – I had such a great time hanging out with you guys and taking your pictures!  Thanks for an awesome session:)  I’m very much looking forward to your wedding in July!

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