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When Tony & Carole hired us for their wedding photography they had one request for their engagement pictures:  they wanted to try for some gorgeous sunset pictures.  So as I was getting ready for their session last week, I must admit that I spent a *bit* of time with my fingers [and toes] crossed hoping for a great sunset for our session (I mean, think about how many things can muck up a sunset…no clouds, too many clouds, rain, bad timing, the wrong location, etc, etc…aaaacck!).

But the great thing about Tony & Carole’s session was that we spent the entire session laughing and joking and playing around with all kinds of different photos in all kinds of different areas (fences, fields, dandelions, a creek, a bridge, a tiny blue boat, dirt roads, off-road, horse manure, ants…you know, all the standard engagement session stuff;).  So by the time the sunset was close to happening I knew that no matter what the sunset threw at us (or didn’t throw at us as the case may be), it wouldn’t really matter – those sunset shots were just going to be icing on an already super yummy cupcake:)

And how did the sunset pictures turn out after all that?  Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that…. :)


Tony & Carole – thanks for such an awesome session!  I can’t wait for your wedding (and I’m especially looking forward to seeing the shoes:).  I have so many more pictures to share with you guys – look for your slideshow early next week!



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