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I met Carly at the Helena Bridal Fair last year and from the beginning it was clear that we have just a **leetle** bit in common (a love of fabulous boots and wine just as a start:)  and as I’ve gotten to know her and her fiancé Will better over the past 7+ months, I just get more and more excited that they have chosen us for their wedding photographers…!  What can I say, Carly and I both think matching red turtlenecks with blinking Christmas appliques are worthy of a five minute giggle, and we both lie in bed at night thinking about things like engagement sessions and wedding photography, haha:)

So as I got ready for their engagement session last week I knew we were going to have an absolute blast—and I was right:)  We picked out a fabulous new spot for their pictures and these guys tooooootally rocked it.  They brought props – which I L.O.V.E.D. (more on that below) – and they’re just soooooo in love and soooooo natural in front of the camera.  Talk about making my job a piece of cake!  [Plus, they think I’m funny.  I love that:)]







There are several things that make this picture extra special.  First of all, Will & Carly are apparently known as the “nerd couple” around Carroll (which I think is fabulous [admittedly I’ve been accused of being a *little* nerdy too, ha!], and it just goes to show that Will is quite the well-rounded guy since he is also a Carroll football player;).  So these guys brought along some books to use as a play off the “nerd” theme.  (yeah, love!)  The second special thing about this shot is that this Gone with the Wind book was Carly’s grandmother’s.  She said she first read it in middle school and said it is still one of her favorites.  And lastly (this one gives me goose bumps every. time.) Carly’s ring was designed by Will using the stone from his grandmother’s wedding ring.  Carly told me that she got to meet his grandma before she died and that “that makes it extra special.”   Oh my goodness….


[hand-on-the-face-kiss….oh swoon swoon swoon-y swoon!!!!]





Will & Carly – I could NOT have had more fun at our session.  Can.  Not.  Wait.  to show you the rest of your pics!! (and of course I’m THIS excited for your wedding –> !!!!!!!!!!)  Eeek!!:)

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