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I have a very big soft spot in my heart for this family. This is our beloved Mrs. B – Claire’s wonderful Kindergarten teacher! She made Claire’s first year of school incredibly positive and rich with SO many amazing experiences. We will be forever grateful to Mrs. B for giving Claire such an empowering and FUN year. [plus I honestly think Kindergarten teachers in general deserve a sainthood – seriously people – have you thought about what they do on a daily basis?????? Sainthood. Or at the very least a special parking spot at the grocery store…. Or at the very very least our gratitude and thanks. So thank a Kindergarten teacher today – that’s my PSA:)]

But my history with this family goes back even further than that. For not only was Mrs. B Claire’s Kindergarten teacher, I also taught both of her daughters in my 7th grade biology class! AND my mom taught both of the girls in her 3rd grade class. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!? So my mom had Megan & Jamie in class, then I had them both in middle school, and then their mom ends up being Claire’s first ever teacher!!! Wowsa, right?! :)

So needless to say, I was absolutely THRILLED to have the chance to take family pictures for them! And we had so much fun – SO much fun. There was laughter and teasing and Irish Dance leaping and stories about school and stories about life – and the bittersweet feelings of a family who love each other so very much and who are excited about, but also dreading the fact that one of their daughters is headed off to college this fall. {all of the mommies in the house: **oh!! sniffsniff** right??}

Pictures of family are so valuable – at every point in life.  And it was truly my honor to capture this time in the B Family’s life.

So. Here is my very special B Family – just for you:)




























B Family – thank you again for asking me to capture this special time in your lives.  I loooooove hanging out with you and I loooooove taking pictures of you!! And  I can’t wait to get your gorgeous prints and products delivered so you can put them up in your home.  **mwah**

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