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To say that CJ is a dog person is kind of like saying that Oreos are better with milk…to quote my once upon a time middle school peers “Uh, no duh”:)  CJ loooooooves her pups and they loooooooove her – and since I’m a firm believer that we should take the opportunity to document the things we love in life, when CJ asked about pictures with her dogs I thought it was an awesome idea!  (and I keep saying “CJ’s dogs” but I should be more specific:  Chloe the lab is CJ’s dog, and Seamus the terrier is her hubby Stephen’s dog:)  I let CJ pick the spot (since I’m a cat person, yes, I freely admit that:-), I didn’t have many ideas for areas around Helena where we could let the dogs run free…).  CJ is obviously familiar with lots of those kinds of spots, and she picked a walk just a few blocks from her house where she often takes the dogs (the view of the valley was amazing!).

Through our conversations I discovered that both Chloe and Seamus are also therapy dogs and they do some really incredible work around Helena.  Chloe works every week with third graders at two schools in the Helena Valley as a Reading Education Assistance Dog (http://www.therapyanimals.org/R.E.A.D.html), plus she visits psychiatric patients at St Peter’s Hospital. Seamus visits residents of the Masonic Home and other assisted living and nursing homes.  Both dogs are registered with Therapy Dogs Incorporated (http://www.therapydogs.com) and Montana T-Doggers Therapy Dogs (http://mttherapydogs.com/).  I’ve included the links in case you are interested in learning more – or if you have a dog of your own you might be interested in getting involved in a similar outreach.  Pretty awesome stuff!




Don’t you just want to give him a rub on that little furry head?



Chloe oh-so patiently waiting for her portrait to be taken – she is such a sweet, easy-going lab!



It was such a gorgeous fall afternoon to romp around in the sun!



“We love Momma!”





I looooove this image – the clouds, the edge-of-the-earth feeling, the one lone tree – *sigh of happiness*  :)



Thanks for such an awesome session CJ (and pups!).  The rest of your pictures will be ready soon:)

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