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Today I get to share pictures from the E Family’s photo session – but I’ve just got to warn ya’ll, there is some SERIOUS cuteness ahead.  We’re talking giggles and puppies and pigtails here people, so if you can’t handle it, get out now.  Do not scroll down, do not pass Go, just abort if you value your grumpiness.  Cause if you can maintain a frown while looking at these pictures, well, you are a stronger person than me, that’s for dang sure:)  If, on the other hand, puppies and pigtails were *just* what you were hoping for today – well, have I ever got some pics for you my friend!

Miss E provided the giggles and pigtails (and the one brand-new bumpy half-in tooth that was just about my undoing every time she giggled or smiled)—and she was joined at our session by Rosie, their brand new puppy.   And of course, Mom & Dad came along for all of the fun too:)

Such a seriously sweet family!


Big blue peepers, one tiny half toother.


Daddies are the bestest.


Awwww, puppy dog eyes – times two!


Mommies are the bestest too!




This sweet girl has the most gentle spirit – and this image just touches my heart.


Happy happy family!


Happy happy girl!

So, there you have it – giggles and puppies and pigtails, oh my!:)

E Family – it was such a pleasure!  And I can’t wait to share the rest of your pictures with you!  Until then, enjoy your Sneak Peek:)


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