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Heidi is one of my dear friends and I’ve had several opportunities to photograph her kiddos over the past couple of years, but we hadn’t had a chance to do family photos yet – so when she called this spring to set up family pictures for this summer I was super excited.  John & Heidi’s kiddos are absolutely darling – and they get along SO great together.  Which made my job was ridiculously easy –  I just talked with Miss R about…well, anything while teasing Mr. E that I might come & tickle him, and vwah-la!  Seriously scrumptious family pictures!:)


So to kick things off:

Six year-old looking at the camera.

Three year-old looking at the camera.

Six year-old smiling.

Three year-old smiling

At the same time.



One of my goals during every session is to get at least one 100% genuine smile from each child (because we all know the cheesy “cheese” smiles – and how they just don’t do justice to that little person’s joy and energy!).  So I’m happy to say here, real-smile-mission accomplished!


Ok, I just couldn’t resist this one – Miss R & Mr. E’s expressions absolutely sealed the deal!


Oh ho!  You handsome man you!


Sweet girl snuggles (Can I get a collective “awwww” from all the Mommies???  Yeah, thought so:)


Did I mention how much I love truly genuine smiles?!  Well, belly giggles and mischievous grins are absolutely fab-u-lous icing on that cake.


Oh!  He makes me grin!  Seriously scrumptious.


No head swapping was performed in the making of this photo.

(you can express your disbelief in the comments below – I almost don’t believe it myself!)


OK, and this one….  Sometimes I come across a photo during editing and it brings me to a full stop – because the moment captured forever is so very very special.  This photo stopped me completely.  It gave me goosebumps.

And, yeah, it still gives me goosebumps….

F Family – thank you for such a wonderful session!!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek – more to come SOON!


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