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I got a call from Kirsi several weeks ago about the upcoming visit of her mom and sister – who were coming to visit from FINLAND!  She wanted family pictures with them while they were in Montana and she was reeeeeeeally hoping for some gorgeous pictures in the Montana snow.

Well, not only did we totally hit the jackpot as far as snow was concerned (which, with our funky way-warmer-than-normal winter we’ve been having, is quite the accomplishment in and of itself!) we also hit on a deliciously mild day with tons of warm sunshine.  Fa-a-abulous!!

Now, you might be wondering about the Finland connection.  It all started back in high school when Kirsi came to Capital High School on a foreign exchange.  While here she met Eric, and the rest, as they say, is history;)  Now they have a darling little family – and since Kirsi loooooves pictures and loooooves to scrapbook, getting everyone together for pictures when Grandma and Auntie were visiting was a must!

Our session was spent laughing at the language barrier, laughing at the snowballs (dude, Little Man is a crack shot with snowballs!), and with Grandma counting each picture as I rapid-fired them during group shots (all the better to get ***one*** with everyone’s eyes open, lol).

I had such a blast with these guys and I think the pictures truly show what a close and loving family they are–even though they are separated by thousands of miles most of the time.

{oh, ***sniff*** right?!}


Mamma and her girlies:



And this one…!

So so sweet.



As for this one, Little Man filled me in on what’s really going down with his fam ***just*** before this picture was taken!  Their reaction was priceless:)

(and isn’t his expression just the perfect cat-who-caught-the-canary grin?! lol)



Just some lovin’ for Grandma:)



Grandma snuggles truly are the bestest <3



And I just don’t think it gets much better than this family pic…!:)





And just think, it all started with a foreign exchange to Capital High!



Then, of course, we had to squeeze in some of just the Little Man.

When we first broke away to do some of those shots I was getting quite the serious expressions….



But when we started talking about school, we discovered our mutual love for Science and he started telling me some great stories….



And THEN when we started yelling “FROG DISSECTION!!!!!” as loud as possible across the lake I got some honest-to-goodness giggles! [erm, yeah, I realize that doesn’t make much sense…you just kinda had to be there;)]



Yeah, *actual* grins are kinda my jam. :) :)


It was SO much fun hanging out with you guys and taking these special pictures for you!  Thank you for the laughter and all of the fabulous “squeeeeeeze” pictures!!  The next time you’re in Montana I hope we can all play together in the snow again:)


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