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There are families in my life that I have had the honor of watching grow through the years.  I document their wedding and watch as two people promise to love and cherish each other forever and ever.  Then I rejoice for them when they find out they’re expecting and we take bump pictures and share preggo stories.  I get to hold their babies when they are so tiny and new to the world that you can hardly feel the weight of their bodies in your arms.  I get to grin at those babies as they grow into fantastically chubby bodies and develop fabulous personalities.  I get to laugh and laugh and laugh [and chase and chase and chase] too-funny toddlers with independent little minds.

This is my job.  And it rocks.

And the families that come back to me year after year?  They rock too:)  [I say with noooooooo amount of bias whatsoever, haha]

The S Family is one of those families and I feel so honored to have shared so many fun shoots with them over the years!  I have another one to share with you today and I know Amy is be-yond excited to see these pictures sooooooo, without further ado, I am happy to present The S Family!!

(I mean seriously, how cute are they!?!?)




And these cheekers on Miss G?  Ab-so-lutely scrumptious.



Little Miss A is so sweet and helpful and such a good big sister during our photo sessions – she makes my job easy-as-pie!

(and I swear she’s been practicing her posing – oh how I loooove it)



This one.

Oh.  Be still my heart.

I do so love seestars.




I took pictures for these guys less than a year ago but I swear Miss A looks extra grown-up this time…!



Little Miss G had “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” down to a fine art.  And clapping too.  And sweet smiles.  And the ever-classic “I-know-what-I-want-and-don’t-you-try-to-change-my-mind-people.”  And just being too ridiculously cute in general.




But my favorite look by far was the MSU family pic!

GO BOBCATS!!! :) :)


Thanks for another fantastic session S Family – enjoy your Sneak Peek and I can’t wait to show you the rest!! :)


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