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Four years ago we had the honor of photographing Andrew & Mindy’s kick a** wedding. Since then I’ve lost count of the number of photo sessions we’ve done together (I honestly tried to count just now – and I couldn’t, there are just toooo many, lol). Rock the Dress and {multiple} Maternity and {several} newborn sessions and LOTS {and lots!} of family pictures.  I even had the honor of documenting the arrival of their sweet girl P with an incredible Birth Photography experience.

And in between photo sessions we love hanging out and eating yummy food and drinking adult beverages and laughing (and laughing) and snuggling babies and texting dumb stuff to each other that makes no sense whatsoever but makes us laugh even more.  I value our friendship so very very much.

And I loooooove taking their pictures! The number of moving little ones has increased exponentially, and Miss P likes to thwart her mommy’s best attempts to get her to look at the camera, but regardless we always have a blast:)


This session was no exception – and we threw their two dogs in just to make sure that we adults were *completely* outnumbered by fast-moving beings who have no interest in pictures. Haha!! ;)


But I think you’ll agree – these pictures, and this family, are absolutely faaaaabulous:)


First up:  the Big Guy.

{seriously…he’s getting SO BIG – ack!!  And those big brown eyes – to die for, right?!}






Next up:  Miss Mischievous

{who, with her baby fly-away hair and peaches & cream skin, toooootally reminds me of a woodland nymph in these pictures!}







And last but not least:  Mr. Happy Face!

{dontcha just wanna give his cheekers a big ol’ smooch!?!}




Probably one of the funniest pictures I’ve taken in a long time.  Seeeeeeriously.  It. Makes. Me. Giggle. Every. Single. Time.  !!!!! :) :)

{the expression, the eyebrows, the stalk of grass, the hair – bwhahahaaa!!!}


But this is why “Mr. Happy Face” is oh-so appropriate:)


And now for the family of five!


Everyone smiling.  In the same photo. !!!

Miracle people.  A. Miracle;)


Oh wait!!  It happened TWICE.




Of course, we couldn’t leave out the cute bulldog pups!



And this – can’t you just see it as a huge canvas on the wall?

Not perfect.  No big smiles.

Just….  Right.



S Family – I love you.  I really really do.

I hope you love your Sneak Peek – I’ll have all the rest ready for you SOON!


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