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I met up with the S Family last week to take pictures of their family and the grandkiddos as a surprise for Grammy Jan.  Jan was visiting from Texas and her other son Eric and his family was visiting from Portland, so the fact that they were all together in Montana was pretty special!  We met up on a beautiful summer morning and basically just played in the gorgeous sunshine and chased around the little ones (cause we all know how busy a 2 year old and a 4 year old can be!!:).  There was lots of laughter and snacking and running and magic wand wielding and running and bubble blowing and rock & flower admiring (and did I mention running…? Lol:).

I think it is well established how difficult it can be to get a picture where everyone is in the same “place” at the same time – let alone smiling at the same time (!!) – so I’m happy to say “mission accomplished!”  Yeah!


What a grin, huh?!!  If this doesn’t make you smile…well, I don’t know….  How could it not make you smile?!?:)


Miss M and I had a plan – I whispered in her ear “go tackle Mommy & Daddy!” and she knew exactly what to do:)


Awww – cousin hugs!


“Dis is how I’m a gonna blow these bubbles!”


Two year old.  Sitting still.  Smiling.  With parents.  For perfect family photo.  Nooooooo problem:)



But I think this is one of my most favorite pictures from the whole day, Grammy with her sons and grandbabies.  Good stuff!

S Family – thanks for such a great session!!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek:)








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