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I met up with the K Family last week to play around in the gorgeous not-very-fall-at-all weather.  I was immediately smitten with Mr. L’s goooooorgeous curls (and I coveted his momma’s boots…but that’s a whole ‘nuther story:).  While trying to make friends with L I discover he has the most ah-mazing imagination.  When I asked him if I had a caterpillar on my lens not only did he look my way (the purpose of the trick) he then proceeded to “see” my caterpillar and give my caterpillar a name and see my caterpillar go flying up into the trees and then feel my caterpillar tickling his neck (causing many giggles).  It.  Was.  Awesome!  And it didn’t end with my caterpillar, L also was a dinosaur and a kitty and…well, to be honest I kind of lost track of all the different games we played and all of the different things this little man became throughout our session.  Suffice to say it was awesome watching the wheels turn in his little head and just seeing what he had up his sleeve next.

And as you can see from our pictures, we had just a leetle bit of fun:)


I love Daddy.  And he loves me.


OK.  This.  Seriously.  Happened.  And I would blow this up and have it as a huge canvas in my living room, cause, really, how fabulous is this?!?


I love Mommy.  And she loves me.

(and that little bit of peek-a-boo belly just kills the mommy in me!)


You can almost hear the little-boy-playing sounds, yes?


Fall.  Sunshine.  Tackles.  Giggles.  Wonderfulness.


There is laughter…and then there’s laughter.

And there’s really no better sound (or picture) in the world!


And this.  Well this just melts my heart right into my toes….

Thanks for SUCH a fun session K Family – I can’t wait to show you the rest of your pictures next week!!!:)


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