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I can’t believe Little Miss D is already a year old…!!  I still remember when her Mommy & Daddy came in for their maternity session…and I’ve so lucky to take her pictures and watch her grow from a sweet newborn into a darling 6-month old…and now an all-grown-up walking-all-over-I-know-exactly-what-I-want-thank-you-very-much one-year old!  Awww….

Now, we did start off the session a little on the serious side – Miss D wasn’t entirely sure if she was going to share her smiles with me (but I wasn’t worried – at her 6-month session she was quite the serious girl but we got the most de-licious pictures…and I knew if these ones turned out half as cute we were good-to-go!:)

[see, oh-so Serious!]


But, it turns out she just needed a little warm-up time and then – THEN! – oh my goodness me, it was full-on mouth-wide-open scrunched-nose glee – and this photographer just tried to keep up with the cuteness!


“People!  Bubbles come out of dis leetle ting right here!  Can you beweeve it?!” :)


So, yeah, did I mention that bubbles were a big [BIG] hit…?


BIG hit!!:)


Delicious soft light, luscious pop-y colors, biiiiiiig blue eyes, and two little piggies of white-blond hair….  Ack!  It hurts.


Not so serious annnnnyyyymore!


Happy happy girlie!

David & KD – thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a very special First Year in your lives.  Miss D is absolutely scrumptious and I have had SO much fun!!


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