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So if you look in the dictionary under “Ridiculously Cute” you juuuuuuust might find a picture of Miss E.  Because really.  Ridiculously Cute.  For reals.

I have had the pleasure of photographing the R Family for several years now.  First for their awesome wedding, and then for their maternity pictures, a couple months later it was time for E’s sweet newborn pictures (with the now-infamous Rocking Chair Picture), then came E’s fabulous five-month session, and now here we are ready for her one-year pictures already!  Oh my.  *sniff*  It goes so fast!

This little Miss blew me away at our last session with her mad posing skills, and let me tell you, she brought her tip-top A-game to this session too!  I had barely even said hello before she was grinning ear-to-ear – and that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the session:  Miss E was super happy, Miss E was ridiculously cute, and Miss E made this modeling business look e-e-easy!  Yeah, it’s rough people, ROUGH I tell ya!:)




And this.  Talking with Monkey.  Being buds.

Just so so sweet.


If you’re a regular around here you may recognize this rocking chair (or you can go back to the Newborn & 5-month picture links above to check it out) – but this chair has been a part of every session we’ve done with Miss E.  It was handmade by her great [great?] grandfather and has been passed down through the family for generations.

I think Miss E is doing it proud!


If that little look peeking out from Mommy’s kiss doesn’t make you all squishy inside then I just don’t know what will…!


It never gets old.  (pictures of teeny tiny piggies & busy little fingers that is)


Honestly.  This stuff just happens in front of my camera.  And then I just want to throw myself back on the ground in a big ol’ spread eagle of oh-my-gosh-I’m-done-done!-people-cause-wholly-goodness-gracious-are-you-kidding-me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[for the record, I did manage not to flop flat on the ground after this picture…though I may have been guilty of throwing my hands in the air and shouting “GOT IT!” with a little tiny fist pump for emphasis.  Maybe guilty of that.  Haha.]


Ug.  It hurts.


Oh my yes you gorgeous girl you!  We can play annnnnnytime!:)

R Family – I am, as always, so honored to be a part of capturing your family’s memories.  And I always have so much FUN!!  Thanks for another awesome session:)


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