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I first photographed little Miss H when she was a teeny tiny newborn almost exactly one year ago – and then we got to play again at her 6-month session this winter.  But now it is time for her ONE YEAR session already!  Ohmigoodness time goes so quickly!!  That sweet baby girl is now an oh-so-darling look-at-me-GO one-year old.  She also has a full head of soft little cherub curls.  Yes, cherub curls – check ’em out!  (I know, seriously?  As if those big dark eyes weren’t cute enough!!!)

She and her mommy & daddy (and mini-entourage:) drove over from Butte for her one-year pictures last week and under the cover of the shady trees I got to learn all about Miss H and her current interests/loves/obsessions.  Pinecones rated very high on the list, as did anything shiny (including her rhinestone studded belt and any garbage lying around the ground, lol).  Her pink rocking horse Diamond was also a huge hit—and I just about died when her mommy showed me the miniature western onsie shirt complete with, wait for it, snap buttons!  Ahhahaa!

But by far, the cuuu-u-uuutest thing of all was when any vehicle would drive by and Little Miss would pause, look after the car, wave her baby hand, and then blow a tiny kiss in their direction.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.


Cherub curls for a cherub smile:


Sundress, dappled shade, tiny perfect person, bliss….


Her mommy & daddy think she’s pretty amazing too!




O.H.  Goodness.


Happiness is a fresh summer afternoon, sunshine, and a Daddy who will lift you to the sky….


[Pink] Tootsies


Catch me if you can!



To her mommy & daddy – it has been such an honor to take pictures for your family this past year.  Your daughter is an absolute delight!!!  Looking forward to seeing you all again at Kyle & Kim’s wedding this year:)



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