Mr. A.K. – One-Year Pictures – Helena MT Child Photographer

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Mr. A just celebrated his one-year birthday!  And I can scarcely believe it—it honestly seems like just a few months ago that I was taking his mommy’s baby bump pictures…and now here we are, a year PLUS a handful of months later and Mr. A has some mad four-wheeler skills and ridiculously gorgeous peepers….  Wow:)  And it cracks me up how much one-year olds have such an insatiable curiosity about evah-ry-thing!  I mean, check out this 3rd picture—I pretty much melted into a big pile of “ooohhhhh”-y goo when I first saw this image.  Those of us who are mommies and daddies—doesn’t this just take you back to when your own little one was just a roly-poly miniature person with a curious nature and chubby little fingers?  When the belly button was worthy of serious contemplation—not to mention baby contortion skills….  I remember.  And now I get to document those moments for all of my wonderful families.  **sniff sniff**  I have the best job.






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