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Mr. C came to visit the MLP studio last week for his two-year pictures and oh-ho-ho does this little man with his big blue eyes and silly little grin ever make me smile!  Of course, he has had some practice with charming this photographer, what with both his 6-month pictures and one-year pictures also being taken with MLP.  And I am a [complete and utter] pushover for these babies that grow up in front of my camera.  A little piece of my heart will always be theirs…!


Now Mr. C was a bit shy at first (which is entirely to be expected) but we always plan plenty of time for the little ones to warm up and start having fun before we have to be clicking away on the shutter.  So by the time we got down to business this little man was killin it!







And even guffawing!

Yep, we got it all:)


Even those quiet little moments that make the mommy in me just melt.



And of course we can’t forget the little details, like chubby toddler fingers….



And the fabulous I’m-such-a-big-boy-look-at-handome-me! pictures.



Of course, one can never anticipate the best moments – like C’s smoosh-face-chair-joke.  (which made Mommy & me giggle like crazy!)



And then we got some luvies for Mommy to round out this totally awesome session!



Thanks for such a fabulous session C and Mommy!  You guys can come and play anytime ol’ time!:)

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