Mr. C.B. One-Year Session – Helena MT Child Photographer

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Mr. C visited the MLP studio last week for his One-Year pictures—and I was so excited to see how much he had grown since his 6-month session…!  Well, let me tell ya, he was cute as a button at 6-months, and—shockingly enough—he’s as cute as a button at one-year too! (albeit a bit of a bigger button:)  At the beginning of the session he was just the *tiniest* bit unsure of the whole “taking-photos-in-this-kinda-strange-room-with-this-kinda-strange-lady” thing, but as soon as he figured out that Mommy wasn’t going anywhere he became a ridiculously cute little man baby model throwing out “are-you-getting-this-cute-look-?-how-bout-this-one-?—-and this one?!”  For the next hour I just tried to keep up with the cuteness…!:)  What do you think?  Cute or cute…or cute???  You can come and play anytime Mr. C—and I can’t wait for our next session this summer!







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