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I love toddlers.  I really really do.  Because they are always 100% real – in all of their glorious wiggly-squirmy-sometimes-serious-always-literal-lovey-boogery-quirky-short-view-of-the-world way. Sometimes they’re shy and I have to earn each sweet smile.  And sometimes they’re cranky and we need lots of breaks for snacks.  Sometimes they’ll stand still for a grand total of 0.05 seconds and I get in a kick-a** cardio workout.  And sometimes they put on a show worthy of a primetime network slot.

Mr. C fell into the last category.  Hooooooo-boy did he EVER put on a show.  At one point I was laughing so hard (at him laughing so hard) that I was having difficulties breathing.  I kid you not.

But the very best thing about this session was how ridiculously HIM he was.  I just went back and counted and he gave me over 68 different expressions.  SIXTY EIGHT!!  And I’m only counting the ones in the final cut of photos!  If I went back and counted them all I just might be in the triple digits.  For reals.

Obviously to say this pint-sized Mister was at home in front of the camera is an understatement of epic proportions.  (Full Disclosure:  he has had a *bit* of practice considering I’ve also taken his 6-month, 1-year, 2-year,  and now 3-year pics, and I can only imagine what’s in store for his big f-o-u-r!;)

Me?  I’m just along for the ride, yo.


And what a freakin-fab-u-lous ride it was!


So, in no particular order, here are just a few of Mr. C’s Looks:


The “I Can Do It Just Like the Big Boys” Look



The “OOOOOOOHHHHH Look What I Found!” Look



The “Double Chin Guffaw” Look

(He thought it was absolutely *****hysterical****** when Mommy would sneak up behind me and scare me by “talking” my singing Goat Puppet – and then when he got a chance to do it himself we were treated to truly gleeful double chins:)



The “Pint-Sized Superman” Look



The “I Got Big Stwong Muscles” Look



The “Gales of Giggles” Look

(this was when Mommy was “scaring” me with the Singing Goat – and I was laughing so hard – at him laughing so hard – that I nearly couldn’t breathe!)

I love how even his TOES are happy.



The “I DIS BIG [Is That Big Enough?]” Look



The “Who Me? [wink wink]” Look



The “Whew.  This Baby Model Business is Tough” Look




The “I’m Too Cute For Words! It’s A Wonder Mommy Can Ever Say No to this Face” Look


Thanks for another ahhhhhhhmazing session Mr. C.  You are scrumptious and I adore each and every one of your Looks (and your Mommy rocks too).  Come back and play again soon, mmmkay???? :)

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