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That’s this little man to a T.  With his snappy brown eyes and his fabulously mischievous grins and his delightfully catchy belly giggles – scrumptious just sums it up

And I should know!  After maternity pictures (here) and newborn pictures (here) and 6 month pictures (here) and one-year pictures (here) and now run-around-like-a-crazy-man—catch-me-if-you-can eighteen-month pictures I would have say I’m practically an expert!  Or perhaps HE’s the expert…?

Cause this little man knows how to flirt with the camera.  Oh-ho yes he does:)  And I pretty much just have to hang on for the ride (whilst thinking to myself “Ga! The cuteness!  The cuteness! The cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!”:)

I don’t know how his parents are ever going to say no to this little face….  Nerves of steel people, I hope they have nerves of steel;)




Sooooo I think I have a thing for little shoes….

Ok, that’s silly.  Of COURSE I have a thing for little shoes.



What?  You love my monster sweater and my matching monster hat?

Aw shucks.



Such a happy fam!




Yes you!

Bring it.



Cool guy.

Cool vest.



Oh how I loooove the little leg kick!



Yep.  This smile is daaaaaangerous!


Once again F Family I had an almost overwhelming urge to scoop up your little man and take him home in my back pocket….  But obviously that would be kinda weird, so just promise that we’ll be able to hang out again soon, mmmmkay??;)  Love you guys!!


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