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I could gobble up this little man in three delicious bites.  Cause he’s that cute.  Seriously.  Add to that fact that he’s one of my little Baby’s First Year sweeties (which means we’ve already done his Newborn Pictures and his 6 Month Pictures), and that I did his Mommy’s maternity pictures, and that we took his Mommy & Daddy’s engagement and wedding photos, and that his Mommy is one of my fan-ta-bu-lous photography assistants, and that I consider his Mommy a dear dear friend, and, well, it’s a bit ridiculous.  Don’t you agree?;)

Yes, my love for this wee little man is ridiculous, that much is true.

What I can’t wrap my brain around (can. not. wrap. around.) is that this little man is ONE.  I so clearly remember standing in Cale & Mara’s kitchen when Mara first told me they were pregnant (oh, who am I kidding, there was very little standing, it was more me hopping around from foot to foot while squealing in excitement;).  And I think that was last month.  Right??  **sigh**

Clearly I have lost a {few} months.

Or, it’s just a healthy dose of “time flies when you’re having fun.”  And we’ve certainly been having lots of that!:)  Of course, the fun didn’t stop at Mr. H’s one-year session.  Oooohhhh no it didn’t!  That fun involved running, and tickling, and crawling, and sticks-in-mouth, and exploring-large-splinters-on-boardwalk, and lets-see-if-Mommy-can-catch-me-before-I-pitch-myself-out-of-this-tiny-rocking-chair (yes Mommy can), and lets-see-if-Megan-can-catch-a-real-grin-without-motion-blur-since-I-really-don’t-ever-stop! (yes Megan can, this ain’t her first rodeo;)

Oh yeah little man.  You are scrumptious.



And your fauxhawk makes me drool.



Luscious lashes.  Chubber cheeks.  Button nose.

Yes please!



Baby velcro happens.



Notice the one hand determinedly clutching the poppy petal even while the [extremely rapid] forward crawl is performed.

Yes I can still hear your giggles during this game Mr. H – and it makes me grin.



It’s the back-of-the-neck, big-boy-haircut, little-bit-of-wobble-as-he-runs moment.





(be still my heart!)



And here’s how we spent 90% of the session:  running! :)

[who says photography isn’t exercise???]



I love sharing birthday hats with my friends…..



Mr. H – you know I love you.  And when you turn your big brown eyes on me and give me your little mischievous grin with your baby toothers peeking out I just melt right down into my flip flops.

Please only use your powers for good, mmmkay?


Cale & Mara – thank you for letting me be a part of this incredible first year.  I love you guys! xxo

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