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Mr. M came to visit the MLP Studio earlier this month to celebrate turning ONE!  This is a little man that I’ve been photographing ever since he was a darling baby bump (see his mama’s maternity pics here) and as he’s gotten older he’s just continued to be ridiculously darling (I can’t even say he’s getting cuter…cause he was the most deeeeeelicious newborn and now he’s the most deeeeeeelicious toddler!) .

Oh how I do adore this age:  the chubby baby cheeks and dimples on their elbows haven’t disappeared, but now they have an oh-so-certain sense of self (“yes I’ll do that, no I WON’T do that! what’s the tallest thing I can climb? what’s the messiest thing I can get into?  Exactly hoooooooow far can I lean out  on this chair before gravity wins? How can I wrap Mommy & Daddy even more tightly around my leetle tiny finger?” lol)

Mr. M didn’t disappoint:  He was tooooootally into reading his most favorite book (the classic “Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?”).  He tried his darndest to defy that pesky fact-of-life gravity by hanging one itty bitty foot (and half of his little body) off the edge of his chair.  And he told lots of “stories” (complete with fabulous facial expressions).  In short:  this session was all about entertainment; that is, Mr. M spent the whole session entertaining little ol’ me!:)


Like this:  “Upside down reading?  Why yes, yes I am that smart!  Thank you for asking,” says he.



Though, clearly, burying one’s nose IN the book can be an equally good strategy for reading….



Shock and awe.  That’s what I inspire people.  Shock and awe. ;)



It’s the sweet expression on this little Mister’s face as he gazes at his birthday balloons – and the two little hands on his tummy that just KILL me!


Such a happy family!



This picture just makes me smile. every. time. I. look. at. it!!!! :) :)



“I’m about to test gravity peeps!”



If this isn’t just a peek of pouty lip deliciousness I don’t know what is.



Have chair, might travel.



Baby Down Dog



And we’ll end with a happy happy picture of this handsome little man!!


To Mr. M’s mommy & daddy:  thank you so much for such a wonderful year of pictures.  It has been an honor capturing all of these sweet moments and funny faces for you guys!:)

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