Mr. R.J.’s One Year Session – Helena MT Child Photographer

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I have had the pleasure of photographing Mr. R several times over the last year and a half—ever since he was a tiny baby—and when he came to visit the MLP studio last week I just couldn’t get over how big he’s gotten!  [I know, I know, you’d think I’d get used to them growing up…*sigh*]   This time peek-a-boo was his favorite thing and he was perfectly happy to tell me “one mo” (one more) when I would dare to pause our game to take a picture:)  He was also determined to be in the Christmas spirit the whole session:  with a bow in one hand and “twinklies” in the other he was happy as a clam.  So when we stripped him down and plunked him in Daddy’s boots with his very own cowboy hat (and, of course, his bow and twinklies) the cuteness just about melted me right into my socks.  Don’t you think this first photo just belongs on a “Merry Christmas from Montana” postcard!?!  J Family, it has been SO wonderful working with you this year.  Enjoy Sneak Peek #4!:)





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