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Mr. R is one of “my” kiddos – as in one of the kiddos I have been lucky lucky lucky enough to photograph many times as he has grown and changed and become such a little man!  And little man indeed, last week was his 2-year session – and his 5 session “anniversary” with MLP!  Woot!:)

Mr. R usually takes a little while to warm up to the whole big-black-camera-and-smiley-blond-lady thing.  But once he does warm up, oh-ho, waaaaaatch out – here comes smiley-face cuteness and big belly giggles and ohmigoodenss darlingness – in spades!!  Add a couple fabulous props brought by Mom – and, well, you simply can’t ask for anything more:)

Well hello handsome!


So serious.  Soooooo cute!


Sometimes I love a picture so much it almost hurts.  I love this picture.  So much it almost hurts.


Yeah buddy, I’ve had days like that too!

(actually, he was laying on his belly & we were playing “peek!” with each other – but I literally laughed out loud when I came to this picture while I was editing because, honestly, doesn’t it just look like Mommy & I spent the entire photo session absolutely torturing him and he has just had ENOUGH.  ahhhahaaha!  But I promise, no children were tortured in the making of these photographs:)




Cheekers.  Lashes.  Love.


Got it!!  (which works both ways “Got it [ball]!!”  “Got it [picture]!!” :-)


The calm before the throw.


Mischievous joyful cuddliness!!  Yummy.

I love hanging out with you Little Man (and Mommy too!)!  Come back and visit soon:)




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