Mr. S.S. One Year – Helena MT Child Photographer

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I seriously cannot get over this little man with his big brown eyes, ridiculously sweet dimples, and his ah-mazing wardrobe.  Tiny leather jacket?  Check.  Little aviator sunglasses?  Check.  So many cute hats that we couldn’t even get through them all?  You betcha!:)  And then he had a whole gob of grins and darling peek-a-boo faces that he was more than happy to share – ! – *be still my heart*  He wasn’t too sure about my singing goat (which could just mean he has good taste:) and he wasn’t too sure about his cake (which could be due to the fact that he’d already given us an hour of sweetness!) but one thing’s for sure:  at the end of the session I was left with a ridiculous amount of gorgeous pictures.  Thanks for the great session S Family – enjoy your Sneak Peek – and I can’t wait for our outside Spring session!:)



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