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Mara and Cale are expecting a baby in early June and I have been soooooo excited to take their baby bump pictures ever since I was first told they are expecting.  We photographed Cale & Mara’s beautiful Flathead Lake wedding in 2010 and since then Mara and I have become good friends.  She’s even brave (crazy?) enough to come along to weddings, bridal fairs, and other various photo sessions with us as one of my fan-tabulous assistants.  So, to say that I feel ridiculously excited for this baby is, well, the understatement of the century…!

[And let’s face it, if we could all be as cute as Mara when we were pregnant, we would all want to be pregnant, all the time.  “Cute” and “Glowing” don’t even come close to describing her…it’s more like “Cute on Steroids” or something…!:)]


These two are also very very excited for this baby – and I hope their joy comes across in these pictures as clearly as it did when I was at their house for our photo session.


I feel like this is one of those pictures on Pinterest that everyone says “oooohhh, I want to do this someday” :)  So so cute!


Mommies-to-be are so very beautiful….


I absolutely love this one in Baby’s nursery…


I just think you can just feel their joy & love in these next two photos:




And, love.  love.  lovey love.

Cale & Mara – I am so very excited for you guys and this sweet baby who will be joining us in a month (eeeeeeekkkk!!!:).  ***mwah mwah mwah***



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